About us

The seed for BROOS OCCULT SCIENCE RESEARCH CENTRE was sowed some 20 years ago by AR.Naresh, then a youngster in his 20s. Many of his activities targeted at developing the youth community in terms of creating a host of new employment opportunities for them and his inspiring speeches on the local TV channel called MADURA Tv brought him immense popularity among the population in Madurai district during the period between 1987 to 1995.


His acquaintance with some Sadhus living in hilly forest areas kindled his curiosity in knowing facts behind the miracles performed by Siddhars and his disciples. He, along with some of his associates travelled into remote forest areas where people normally won’t dare to visit, stayed there through days and nights risking their lives and personally experienced the miracles which the outside world terms as Occultism.

The Sadhus whom they met and who performed such miracles were not willing to part with any secrets in their possession as they feared that they might be misused by some unscrupulous elements for evil purposes. Moreover, these occult powers were acquired by the Sidhars through years of research and meditation.

Plenty of miracles are possible through these supernatural powers and the methods of performing these miracles are found in ancient palm leaves which are carefully protected by persons living along the foothills of Western Ghats. But to identify these people and get the required material is not an easy task. Even after collecting these materials, the information found there have to be deciphered with the help of experts who have proficiency in reading ancient Tamil scriptures. And then the decoded messages have to be experimented with the help of Sadhus roaming in the forests.

Every bit of work is an uphill task that requires a great amount of patience and the process involves continuous expenditure too.
Because Naresh Muthiah strongly believes that occultism is a science and not a superstition, he wants to do serious research in this area to dig out the facts behind it.

AR.Naresh will just function as a coordinator of the project and serve as a tool to link the various faculties involved in the project. His mission, when it succeeds, is bound to place the humanity at the receiving end of unlimited benefits which are beyond the perception of even the well-read persons.

For AR.Naresh noting is impossible especially when it comes to a service for the society. Today’s dream is tomorrow’s reality for him. As a firm believer of God and a die-hard optimist, he is sure that his mission will soon start bearing fruits and will do a world of good to the global society.