Work Plan/strategy



Activities planned by our Team
Places to be visited
Phase I
Acquisition of digital equipments for documentation (Cameras, videos etc)
Southern Districts of Tamilnadu/Kerala, India
Phase II
Strategy to cover various districts where mysteries, mysticism, occult science are reported in magazines, newspapers, traditional people in Tamilnadu and Kerala
Entire Tamilnadu,
And Kerala India.

Phase III
Touring and collecting information on Jeeva Samadhis of hermits buried alive in various places for attaining the perfection.
Entire Tamilnadu,
And Kerala, India.

Phase IV
Visiting all Caves and rock crevices where Siddhars inhabited for meditation
Western Ghats Mountains, Tamilnadu
Phase V
Visiting all indigenous communities/descendents of Kings and Queens/palaces in Kerala & Tamilnadu and documenting their traditional and spiritual powers and practices secretly kept.
Mountain community in Western Ghats Mountains, Tamilnadu
Palaces, Zamins, Tamilnadu.
Phase VI
Collecting information on ancient Palm leaf manuscripts possessed by traditional medical practitioners and Siddhars in hilly terrain
Southern Tamilnadu.
Phase VII
Preparing a Final Report on the survey, findings and tour reports on literary and oral traditions/mysteries in Tamilnadu &Kerala
Entire Tamilnadu and Kerala
Phase VIII
Unfolding the mysteries by practical demonstration with the help of Siddhas who have attained perfection and publicize through websites using advanced technology.
Madurai, Tamilnadu

Time Frame:

The project is anticipated to span a duration of 24 months across Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Budget Estimate:

A total budget of INR 5 crore is allocated to facilitate the successful execution of the project, encompassing expenses such as travel, procurement of equipment, accommodations, and other logistical necessities.

Field Study Locations:

  • Saduragiri Hills, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu
  • Sethur Hills, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
  • Suruli Hills, Kurangani Hills, Munnar Hills, Theni District, Tamil Nadu
  • Sacred Groves and ancient temples in southern Tamil Nadu constructed by the Pandiyan Kings, alongside exploration of associated mysteries
  • Investigation of Jeeva Samadhis (Live Burials) of hermits across various districts of Tamil Nadu, along with documentation and verification of cremation practices
  • Collaboration with University Departments in Tamil Nadu specializing in occult science and mysticism
  • Engagement with Traditional Medical Practitioners Associations in southern Tamil Nadu to identify Siddha practitioners and delve into practices of occult science, sorcery, black magic, and tantric rituals
  • Documentation and preservation of ancient Palm leaf manuscripts containing Mantras and rejuvenation secrets
  • Interviews with hermits residing in mountainous regions, caves, and rock crevices within the Western Ghats
  • Exploration of Palaces and abandoned structures in Tamil Nadu once inhabited by Zamindars, who were believed to possess knowledge of Kaya Kalpa for longevity
  • Similar investigative studies in select locations within Kerala

Teleportation Services:

Leveraging occultic powers, the project envisions possibilities such as teleportation, enabling the discreet movement of objects across any distance, irrespective of size or weight. Formal poojas and rituals will be conducted for interested parties, with fees corresponding to the value of the assignment. Additionally, testing services are available upon request, subject to equivalent remuneration.

Professional Team:

A dedicated team of experienced individuals, deeply rooted in spirituality and versed in the nuances of occult science, will be assembled to oversee and execute the project with meticulous attention to detail.