Broos occult science research centre is at the threshold of starting a research project aimed at ‘explaining the unexplained’ and establishing a spiritual-scientific culture on earth.

Major objectives of the project

Conducting a survey and study in various parts of Tamilnadu to document the secrets behind several monuments called ‘Jeeva Samadhi’ of hermits buried alive for attaining the ultimate perfection .

Documenting various mystic practices followed and adapted by rural and indigenous communities living closer to Western Ghats Mountain region in Tamilnadu and Kerala.

Unfolding mysteries performed by living Sadhus and Sanyasis in Tamilnadu and Kerala and bringing them to mainstream, thus exposing the secrets behind spiritual powers, Telepathy, occultism etc.

Surveying and explaining the mysteries and lineage surrounding spiritual masters in Tamilnadu and Kerala.



Transliteration of ancient secret Palm Leaf Manuscripts in possession of traditional medical practitioners to expound the subtle complexity of the philosophical concepts of our ancestors. (“Paribashai” in Tamil)

Developing Software on various occult science, mystic practices and secrets of our ancestors after computerizing the knowledge and philosophy of the dead.