The whole universe is filled with plenty of waves and rays. Our scientists have found out the existence of certain waves like electrical waves, x-rays, radio waves, microwaves and electromagnetic waves and are utilizing these waves for the welfare of humanity. Although these waves cannot be seen by our eyes, their existence, functions and utility have been proved scientifically. These waves are different forms of energy which is in our control. But there is a form of energy which is not in our control, instead it controls us. It is called Cosmic Energy.


This Cosmic Energy is not discernable to our scientists till date. But our Siddhars realized it, felt it and experienced its vibrations after years of meditation. Then they acquired immense power and performed many miracles with the help of that power. People named it as supernatural powers. We call it as occult power. Scientists ignored it as humbug as there was no any scientific evidence to prove it.
People in countries like Egypt, Greece and Peru where civilizations existed thousands of years ago still believe in supernatural powers and are proud of their ancestors who possessed them. Many African villagers are said to possess black magic powers even today.

Siddhars who lived in hills and forests could prolong their lives for hundreds of years using godly powers. They meticulously developed a system of medicine called Siddha system and recorded their findings and methods of preparation on palm leaves. Though many palm leaves are not traceable, the available palm leaves contain a wealth of information about treating diseases with the help of medicinal plants. But, as for the supernatural powers they possessed, we have hardly any palm leave source except for Bogar 12000, an ancient Tamil literature.

If we can trace these palm leaves and find them and unravel their contents , we can utilize such information for the benefit of human race. We can make many things happen which are not possible by modern scientific methods. The purpose of starting this Occult Science Research centre is to scout for such information in areas adjacent to Western Ghats in the states of Kerala and Tamilnad where the hermits and Siddhars are believed to have lived in.

Once we prove that occultism is not a superstition but a science, then occult science will be a great area of scientific research and the result we get from these researches can save the humanity from many of the ills it is suffering from now and we can do many big things which are not at all possible through any other scientific means.

In order to realize this dream a research centre on occult science was started by name BROOS OCCULT SCIENCE RESEARCH CENTRE